We’ve made the migration process for PLAT as simple as possible.

What you need to prepare:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT send PLAT directly from your cold wallet (Trezor/Ledger/etc.) or exchange account! YOU WILL LOSE IT! If your PLAT is stored in one of these, please send/withdraw the PLAT to your MetaMask wallet first!


Log in to your MetaMask - make sure you have access to the private key for this wallet.

Once you are logged in, your current PLAT balance will be shown on the screen below. Fill out the amount you wish to swap, and hit the “SEND” button to complete this step.

You will need to wait a few minutes for confirmation due to transaction times on the Ethereum network.

Please make sure you have enough funds in your MetaMask account to cover the gas fees.

Your Ethereum wallet address:
PLAT Balance: -
IMPORTANT: Please confirm that the recipient address is
Note: It takes 13 Ethereum confirmations before showing the PLAT being ready to withdraw to TRON wallet.


Download GuildWallet or Tronlink. Import your ETHEREUM PRIVATE KEY (from your MetaMask) as a new wallet. A TRON wallet will be created for you using the same private key, and your TRC20 PLAT will be sent to this address.

If you need help to set up your GuildWallet, please check this very handy guide we’ve put together.


Withdraw PLAT to your TRON wallet. Note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 PLAT.

PLAT will be sent to your TRON wallet address:


Add PLAT token to your wallet:

- Add new TRC20 token
- PLAT address:

Note: After completing the swap, you can freely transfer your TRC20 PLAT to any TRON-wallet, however there are transactions fees involved. Please make sure you have enough TRX funds or energy to cover these costs.

Upon completion of these steps, your new TRC20 PLAT balance will be shown in your TRON-based wallet. We thank all PLAT holders and BitGuild supporters who have believed in our project since day one, and have helped us create products and solutions that advance the adoption of crypto currencies. If you have any question or issue with the migration, please send us an email to